In 2018, I decided to try out Swift and iOS development, I was already experienced with writing software for PCs and servers but had never made a mobile app. I spent a few weeks writing basic code in Swift and trying out the various features of Xcode and eventually had a working game; I called it LineBall Puzzle.

The objective of the game is quite simple: You have to guide a ball from the starting position to the finishing position by drawing a single line on the screen. The ball cannot go through your line, but can travel along it, and the ball only gains momentum from gravity so you have to draw slopes and drops in order for the ball to move.

I posted a video of LineBall Puzzle on Twitter in May; this is one of the only gameplay videos out there.

LineBall Puzzle has mostly gone unnoticed but was recently described as “A Hidden Gem” on As I only wanted to learn more about iOS development and Swift, I consider this app a success regardless of the amount of downloads.

LineBall Puzzle can be downloaded for free on any iOS device running iOS 11 or greater: Click Here to view the store page. There’s no monetisation or advertising of any kind and the full game only takes up around 10MB of storage. I expect the full game will take at least an hour for even a skilled player to complete, so it might be a good way to kill time during your next journey.

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