First Blog Post

For a while now I've been intending to set up a blog where I can write about the latest projects I have been working on. I was initially considering Pelican as I wanted something lightweight and fast because I don't need any fancy features (such as those offered by Wordpress and other CMS'). However, I wanted something where I could write my posts from any device via a browser. I will probably enable caching on the server for this site once I've gotten everything working correctly so then I can benefit from static files (obviously that will mess up the commenting system, but I can probably get the cache to expire for a page whenever a comment is made).

I have just finished setting up Anchor CMS which is where this post currently lives. While Anchor may not be as lightweight as Pelican, it's definitely much lighter than Wordpress so I'll be interested to see how it performs. All I need to do now is harden the admin interface and commenting system before the bots find out about its existence.

This article is my oldest. It is 180 words long, and it’s got 0 comments for now.